Carnival Games VR: Alley Adventure

Carnival Games VR: Alley Adventure

Carnival Games VR: Alley Adventure delivers two all-new adventure themed alleys, six new games to test your skills at, and enhancements to existing games for increased replayability. 2 NEW ADVENTURE-THEMED ALLEYS Cosmic Corner Jurassic Junction 6 NEW GAMES Dino Stacker: Stand on the head of a raised dinosaur-themed platform and drop a random selection of blocks to successfully build a tower as high as you can. Gravity Match: Use sci-fi gravity guns to rapidly catch objects and fire them back at matching objects to score points. Putting Green: Complete a series of miniature golf putting challenges. Horseshoes: Toss the horseshoes around the stake and score as many points as possible. Trick Shot: Show off your skills in a series of randomized billiard-style trick shots. Lucky Cups: Toss as many ping pong balls as you can into a grid of colored cups before time runs out. ALL 12 EXISTING GAMES FROM CARNIVAL GAMES VR HAVE BEEN ENHANCED FOR INCREASED REPLAYABILITY.

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