Defenders of Time




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Defenders of Time

Grab your friends because weve done something a little different here at Four Lights. This is a Tower Defense but its not your dads tower defense... well it kind of is but Ill explain that in a moment. The first thing you need to know is that Defenders of time is fast so rule #1 is dont stop spending. Dont ever stop spending. Dont worry if you made a mistake you can always resell your towers and get all of your money back. Yeah every cent. Yes thats 100% resell. Yes its a Tower Defense. No that doesnt make the DoT easy. Hold on; stop asking me questions let me explain. The Defenders of Time demo gives you unlimited access to try Single Player for free! The best part of our demo is anyone that purchased Defenders of Time can invite you to their games and you can check out multiplayer! The way it works is every person who paid for Defenders of Time can invite up to 3 other players at any time to join their Ranked or Custom matches.

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