Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald

Legends of Eisenwald is an adventure game with tactical battles, RPG and strategy elements. Take the lead of a small feudal army and try to defend your right to survive in this ruthless medieval world. The mysterious lands of old Germany are waiting for you - its a land where the superstitions of the time have come to life. This isn’t a fantasy game. There are no elves or dragons here. There are only people - and their passions, sins and fears that often take a tangible form. Which path will you choose? Live according to your conscience? Or live by power and might? Or will you live by justice? And what is your justice, really?

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https://www. YouTube. com/watch? v=8yhpLpxebpc
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Game summary:
The game looks very similar to Heroes of Might and Magic at first glance, but it has a crucial difference. While HOMM has a large strategic part (how...

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