MotoGP 17

MotoGP 17

The 2017 edition of the official MotoGP videogame brings all the adrenaline and need for speed of the new motorbike world champion with it. The title will include all the 2017 riders, teams and tracks; the new rules and the Red Bull Rookies Cup championship. This edition will reach 60 FPS for the first time, guaranteeing unprecedented performance and extreme enjoyability for the end user. All this will be made possible thanks to the Milestone developers’ experience and skills, developed over 20 years of dedicated work to racing.

MotoGP 17 Video

User Review

So first of all, I have to say that I have been playing Motogp for years and love the sport. To Motogp17:

For me a clear improvement to VRtg in every respect. The physics is not perfect but tailored to the mass and clearly better than all versions...

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