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Pierhead Arcade VR

You have inherited an old pierhead arcade and you have the run of the place. You can play any game in the arcade as many times as you want by yourself or invite friends into your arcade and play together. FEATURES: Upload scores from each machine to compete on global leaderboards. Teleport to any machine in view, no motion sickness. All games use intuitive 1:1 hand motion to play. Throw a ball by throwing it! Online and LAN multiplayer Redeem toys at the gift shop using tickets youve won. Listen to your favorite tunes on the built-in internet radio player. Play classic coin-operated games such as: Rocket Ball Basketball Bowling Comet Drop Arctic Shuffle Super Punch Binary Dash Honey Rush Shooting Gallery Scarab Toss Dino Whack Cannonball Bounce Rapid Fire Claw Machine Zombie Shootout

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Basketball, bowling, shooting range, claw machine and much more, Pierhead Arcade offers a lot of mini-games, which also (almost) all work well. In an arcade hall there are several 'booths' where we can try out various games, win lots and compete with...

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