ShineG in the Bullethell

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ShineG in the Bullethell 

"ShineG in the Bullethell" flight shooting game is strong attacking, full of pretty girls! Super gorgeous picture and super a large number of beautiful girl characters! A classic arcade-style magic flight combat! 46 combinations of magic! There are varirty of items to upgrade the protagonist! "Bullet time", "full-screen blasting", the most powerful magic girl in history are debuting. Each level combined randomly will bring you a new experience every time! The rookie players will experience the STG thrill, due to unique automatic difficulty adjustment! It's up to you to act as a burst lava mage or a manic blizzard warlock! Girls: They are all lovely girls, both protagonist and enemies, even the evil boss. Magic combination system: In the game, you can continue to strengthen your magic attack, with a combination of flame elements to make the terrible magma, with a combination of ice elements to create the ice storm, with a combination of lightning elements to produce the thunder arrival. Items and magic upgrade: The items can make the magic damage more terrible. We can get faster casting spells speed, more quantity, larger size and farther shooting distance through the items. Magic will become more powerful through shooting composition of penetrating, bouncing and splitting. At the same time, speed, size , returning health and increasing maximum health of roles can be upgraded through the items, just like in RPG. It makes the challenge easier. Equipment: The magic girl with the equipment will get more health points, but also can greatly improve the property such as speed of casting spells and magic power. At the same time, The magic girl will have a strong special features, not only can increase the drop rate, and even increase the distance to picking up items. More levels: Each of your new challenges will start with different game levels. Your enemies will attack you violently by tactics of assault, formation combination, raid and surround .Which kind of magic or moving skills to be used will be very challenging. Special Skills: To try the powerful special skills! Once you open the “bullet time”, everything will slow down, then it will be extremely easy to move in the bullet! Challenge level: It will give you completely different game experience by quick killing, quick dodging and puzzling! Automatic difficulty adjustment: Our system will help you to better integrate into the game, even if you are a STG rookie. The game will make appropriate adjustment based on your performance, rather than simply show you game over.

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