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While our system uses our very own AI called "Fred" to find the best and freshest prices & deals for you, our games always need some manual love. Here you can keep track of new games we are adding to our site. If you can't find a game on our site, you are very welcome to leave us a message on the bottom right or tell us in our discord, and we will add it right away for you!

Cheap Games

From cheap games, awesome new Indie Games, to triple-A games, we have them all. However if we just recently added a game, it can take up to 1 hour for Fred to find all deals on the "WorldWideWeb" 😎 and to add them to our site, so if you see a site which has no deals yet, play a quick competitive game, and we promise, once you are back we will have all the prices & deals you need!

Unsure what to play?

So are we! There are way too many games getting released left and right, and there is no possibility to look around and find some awesome games to play or get addicted to 👀. If you are unsure, feel free to take a look at our random list and maybe check out a few previously unknown games, there are definitely a few hidden gems lying around.

This list is incomplete; you can help by expanding it.

Just like the serial killer list on Wikipedia, we always appreciate any help we can get! If you are bored and want to help our community expand, feel free to slide us a message on our discord, and we will set you up with a super-secret account on GameGator, where you will be able to help us add games. However, unlike Wikipedia, we will give out small rewards to our contributors, monthly free contests, giveaways, ranks,... So it is definitely worth it to take a look.