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What is A Fistful of Gun about?

When the evil railroad baron Clayton Boon decided to build a track to Hell, he didn't reckon on a crazed shaman raising a posse of embittered psychopaths from the dead to stop him. Now they'll pursue him across the whole Wild West, fighting their way through hordes of bandits, bears, braves and boogeymen just to find Boon and repay their debt with… A FISTFUL OF GUN!
Select one of eleven unique playable gunslingers and seek revenge as a lone wolf or with up to eight other bandits in local and online co-op. Master the specialized controls of each character, collect gold from fallen foes to purchase upgrades, and imbibe a bit of liquid courage and unleash a tornado of lead across the dusty plains.

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626d ago

Very interesting game, mixture of top-down shooter and (as I understood it) randomly generated levels. You can decide (similar to FTL) each time where you want to continue your journey and meet a new event in the next area. These are mostly fights, which are dealt with in top-down manner, sometimes you meet a dealer, etc. The graphics is coherent in a nice pixel style, which usually allows a good overview in the individual arenas, but every now and then it gets a bit confusing. The music is coherent and blends in well with the action. Controller control is precise enough not to frustrate. No bugs or similar problems have occurred so far. In addition to a story mode, there is an arcade mode and the possibility to play online. Unfortunately, only a few online players are allowed to play the game at the moment, so that an online match has not yet taken place. The individual characters that can be selected at the beginning of each round are particularly noteworthy. These already differ in their handling at the beginning (some are only to be unlocked), so that the game suddenly becomes a twin-stick shooter, while with another character, where you shoot and reload each ball in the revolver with a different key, becomes a skill test. All in all, I would like to make a recommendation for the game and at the next sale at the latest

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