A House Of Many Doors
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What is A House Of Many Doors about?

Welcome to the House. You are not welcome.

Explore the House, a parasite dimension that steals from other worlds, in a train that scuttles on mechanical legs.

Uncover secrets. Open locked doors. Lead a crew of dysfunctional characters. Write procedurally-generated poems. Fight in turn-based combat. Explore a strange new setting, dripping with atmosphere, crusted with lore. Escape. Escape. Escape.

You are an explorer, poet and spy, launching yourself into the unknown in search of adventure. Rig an election in the city of the dead. Visit a village lit by the burning corpse of a god (careful not to inhale the holy smoke). Sell your teeth to skittering spider-things for a moment in their library. Over 90 bizarre locations await discovery in the dust and the dark.

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91d ago

The writing is simply outstanding. It is melancholic, morbid, disturbing, occasionally quite funny and a thousand other things. All this is supported by beautiful hand-drawn backgrounds and a hauntingly beautiful soundtrack. Don't listen to the haters, all alleged bugs have been fixed and the quests are running smoothly. If you've enjoyed games like Sunless Sea, Planescape Torment or Darkest Dungeon, you can't afford to pass this game. And although it draws inspiration from all these sources, it is so much more than the sum of its influences by establishing a narrative vision that is very much of itself.

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