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What is A Walk in the Dark about?

In this action platformer you play as a cat, Bast, running through a dark fantasy world. You'll be running, jumping and sliding with smooth and precise controls designed to make you feel like a cat. But it wont be easy. In the dark you never know what lies in the shadows. In this dark journey you will face strange creatures and dangerous traps.

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83d ago

Exactly put three different games in A Walk In The Dark:You control a cat in the traditional manner of a platformer through various levels of danger. Just like Super Meat Boy, every contact with enemies, traps, etc. ends with the death of the character. In the course of the game, the initially simple obstacle courses are then extended with additional elements, such as platforms that change the force of gravity. Basically an endless runner, except that the levels here have a fixed end. At the beginning of the level the cat will automatically start running and all you have to do is press the jump or duck key in the right moments to avoid the obstacles. In these sections she plays the owner of the cat, a young girl who can turn the gravity of the level upside down at the push of a button, but cannot jump. Fazit:A real story doesn't exist and the individual game elements are certainly anything but new, but A Walk In The Dark combines them with flawless control, stylish looks and a nice soundtrack, so jump & run fans in search of a real challenge should definitely grab it.

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