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What is Archaica: The Path of Light about?

Archaica: The Path Of Light is a visually stunning puzzle game with lasers and mirrors, that enraptures gamers not only with finely designed levels, but also with an interesting narrative. In this game we become the Chosen One from the nation that believes walking the legendary Path of Light will save the world from impending disaster. We revive ancient mechanisms, explore secrets of an ancient civilization, and discover the true destiny of The Path along the way through extraordinary realms.
Beautiful aesthetic and an extraordinary atmosphere of an ancient and unknown civilizationWe have put a lot of work to make Archaica's world a beautiful and remarkable place. Every single place has its unique atmosphere and encourages further exploration.
Interesting and unique puzzlesWe have prototyped hundreds of puzzles, but selected only a few of them for the game, ensuring that each puzzle is unique and based on a separate idea.
Intriguing narrativeRevealing the storyline is optional, yet it is available to players who would like to delve into the game's world. Individual themes are being excerpted to a player piece by piece, while uncovering hieroglyphs scattered on the board. Some themes will be discovered only on completion of the challenging levels.

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83d ago

A wonderful puzzle game. The graphics is beautiful and an eye-catcher due to the varied levels and the light play. The story is presented as text and accompanied by the puzzles. Considering the graphics it would be more desirable, but ok, I was interested in the puzzles. The puzzles range from easy to fair to hard. The learning curve is good. Br>Moves/displaces elements to change the incidence and failure of light beams. The sound is atmospheric and underlines the atmosphere, but repeats itself quickly. My personal evaluation:

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