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What is Assassin's Creed about?

In the action-adventure game "Assassin's Creed", American researchers have developed a device with which you can send a test person on a journey through time using genetic information. The subject then finds himself in one of his ancestors and actively relives his history. The rather inconspicuous and defensive Desmond Miles is such a test person and is sent to one of his ancestors named "Altair", a dangerous assassin at the time of the crusades in the 11th century. Assassins who belonged to a Shiite sect and were trained to commit political assassinations were skilled dagger fighters. The researchers want to learn more about Altair, and, as expected, the player takes on the role of this dangerous assassin.
Altair has violated the principles of the assassin on a mission and willfully endangered two of his brethren. They paid for it with their lives, and to regain the favor of the cult leaders; he must complete the training as an Assassin again. His mission takes him through Damascus and over the lonely country road to Jerusalem. In all cities, he has a contact person who provides him with orders. Mostly he first has to explore the city and, for example, pick up rumors that the citizens are listening to in the alleys of the town. Only later does he get a target person whom he has to liquidate. The player can get more information about people he meets by stopping and letting Altair create a vision. In this way, he can find out whether he is dealing with civilians, allies, or aggressive enemies. But as soon as he moves, the information fades.

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    13 Nov 2007 ⏰

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More info on Assassin's Creed

"In contrast to many other games, it is not only important to deal with large groups of aggressive opponents. I prefer to go through the city unnoticed and then strike at close range," says Chris from the group of testers, describing the feeling during the game.

By the way, the roofs of the cities are particularly suitable for going underground, as he does not only climb the highest towers of these cities to explore certain parts of the city. The dagger fighter swings like an acrobat from clotheslines over narrow wall heels to then make a long jump to the next house roof. At specific points, he can make so-called leaps of death, in which he jumps from particularly high places into haystacks or the like. Fortunately, these places are usually clearly visible, because if he misses them, the jump continues from the last location.
The thoroughly male youngsters from the tester group in the Deutz community center were enthusiastic about Assasin's Creed. Of course, they felt comfortable in the role of the dangerous and skillful assassin. They liked it to fulfill challenging missions or just to explore the vast, optically very nicely designed landscape. In addition to fast reactions and tight control, this game demands above all a foresighted and careful approach.