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What is Attractio about?

Millions of inhabitants of the Solar System look forward to the new season of Attractio. Attractio is the reality show where contestants solve deadly puzzles; so deadly in fact, there's only one way they can leave there with their lives: to win. Men and women risk their lives in live TV, desperate for a better life.
This season: Keir, a man with a humble origin, looks for the monetary prize. Mia, a policewoman from mars, wants to take home the advanced technology prize. Dalek, a dangerous criminal, plays to win his freedom back. Each one will have to solve different deadly puzzles using different gadgets that will allow them to manipulate gravity.
Attractio takes place in the amazing Entertainment Space Station (ESS), an artificial satellite orbiting Mars. This station was created specifically for Attractio and is the only place that meets the requirements to host games with gravity manipulation. As usual, Darius will be the host of this exciting reality show.

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614d ago

Attractio is a beautiful puzzle game in the shadow of Portal. If you liked playing Portal, you will also like AttrectioGame idea:The idea is really well done and implemented and some puzzles are really tricky. Everything is divided into handy levels and you can also find memory points in the levels. However, in my opinion there could have been a few more levels. (9/10 points) Story:The story is ok but would have offered more potential for details and depth. The basic idea of the story is well done and develops from video sequences, small dialogues and messages that can be found in the game. However, it is missing in some places. The characters offer a lot of space for depth, which was not used. And the main story shows approaches of backgrounds, which are then not explained further. But well. . . it's a puzzle game, not a role-playing game. (6/10 points) Graphic and sound:The graphic is outdated and pixelated. That doesn't bother me personally so much and also not the game itself, but it plays a role again later in the price analysis. Also, the sound corresponds to this pattern, even if the music is really well made and dynamic. In this category the game lags 5-10 years behind. (4/10 points) Bugs and Gameplay:The game runs smoothly and I didn't notice any bugs. The control is well done, which probably has to do with the console suitability. Overall, there are no objections here. (9/10 points) Multiplayer:I haven't seen one, which is a shame. The game we portal offers the potential for co-op puzzles, which becomes clear even during the campaign. Of course, a multiplayer is not a must for such a game, which is why I will not award any points here. (-----) Price/Performance:It may be true that the development of a game is not easy and one has to think up the puzzles first. And apparently many people also participated in this game. . . . Nevertheless, the graphics remain outdated, the game could have been longer and the story better. 20 Euros are really hard at the border. But if you should find it on sale for 30% or more discount, please strike. (6/10 points)

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