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What is Auto Age: Standoff about?

The year is 2080. America lies in ruins. Bands of militarized motorists work to keep the peace in the east. Wheeled gangs rule the western wastes. A mysterious voice crackles through the static of radio relays, beckoning travelers into the desert canyons of the Dead Zone.

Choose your side and speed full throttle into a deadly game of ruthless car combat soaked in 80s Saturday morning cartoon style. Will you rally behind SAIGE and Val Vega to fight for a better future, or seek total domination with the evil Dark Jaw and his ragtag Jawlings?
Hurl headlong into the chaos of twelve-player online combat, buckle up for classic couch co-op, or even do both. With Auto Age: Standoffs versatile split-screen play, you and three other friends can skirmish privately or team up together in online battles.
In a high-tech world of lowlifes, youll need every advantage you can get. Choose your chassis and gear up with powerful weaponry and the latest gadgets, including missile launchers, ramming plates, mines, boosters, and more.

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