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What is Battlecrew: Space Pirates about?


BATTLECREW Space Pirates is a fast-paced competitive multiplayer shooter that offers a really dynamic and nervous gameplay.

Choose your hero, call a few friends and join in on the fun!

Each character has unique abilities (attack, defense, and movement attributes) that not only change the entirety of your playstyle but also the way in which you navigate the maps! Its up to you to find the one that suits you best!

Create your own crew of pirates and lead your team into intense and epic battles! Steal as much of your ennemies gold as you can in Gold Rush mode or turn them into space dust in classic Team Deathmatch mode!

Between battles, dock at Tortuga, a space station that has become the lair and meeting-place of the worst buccaneers in the galaxy! Find new team members or invite your friends to play, check the leaderboards, and take part in the ongoing community challenges…

BATTLECREW is more than just a shoot em up - its alive! Players can unlock new content like environments, taunts, skins, emotes and game modes by winning regularly-updated community challenges!

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