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What is Before I Forget about?

A woman alone in a house. A mystery and a love story. Explore the present to uncover the past, in a short story of love and loss and a life well-lived. A narrative exploration that examines a world where memories are constantly fading and jumbled. A game about dementia and what happens when you can't hold onto the things you've done or the people you've loved.
You are Sunita - a woman living with early onset dementia. As you wander from room to room, you discover mysterious objects, each holding a fleeting, fragmented memory. Examine faded postcards, scribbled notes, photographs, and more to uncover Sunita’s past, piece together her life-story, and understand her present. Before I Forget is a story-rich, first-person exploration game from 3-Fold Games. Delicate, moving, and atmospheric, it examines the emotional impact of dementia.
Featuring a vivid cast of voice actors, breathing life into Sunita and her memories. (Including Anjali Kunapaneni & Bushra Laskar)Original Soundtrack: Elegant piano melodies guide you through Sunita's internal and external worlds, with an all-original score from composer, Dave Tucker. Musical refrains that search and wind like an old memory.

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