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What is Blue Collar Astronaut about?

A hovering billboard reads “Launch yourself into riches” and begs you to attend driving education. What could go wrong? Next stop: riches!

- Experience 40+ diverse levels utilizing 3 distinct space ships
- Challenge yourself with 6 ways to play each level
- Feast upon the colorful hand-drawn art and an original soundtrack!
- Numerous enhancements available with your pizza delivery and truckin earnings!
- Receive an authentic Space-Driving Degree and pay an authentic space-student loan!

Fly across the cosmos delivering pizza, pulling freight, and paying off your student loans! Blue-Collar Astronaut is the only game out there to finally bring together real Newtonian physics-based 2D space flight with the crushing reality of US-census-based working class life! HOORAY! Explore gender pay gap inequality, student debt hell, and pizza robots all in the span of a few existential hours! But don't fret. With lightning fast reloads, short varied levels, and a multitude of ways to play each level, you'll soon put your circumstances aside and enjoy the ride… the SPACE-ride!