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What is Brawlhalla about?

With Brawlhalla, it is action-packed, typical for the genre. The game world is minimal. You can choose from many scenarios, but these only consist of one fixed picture. So it doesn't go right, left, up or down. The players fight with their chosen characters against other players or the computer. Different weapons can be used as a war hammer, a magic horn, or bow and arrow. These weapons appear again and again in the game, so it is possible to change the gun in the game. There are also particular movements which, combined with the weapon attacks, cause the opponent to fall out of the screen. After that, he appears again and fights again without a weapon at the beginning. If this happens three times, the character in question is out. The last one left wins the game. Brawlhalla is a fast, action-packed game, which inspired the testers with its speculative attacks. If you look at it as an eSports or tournament game, it can be captivating for a long time. Brawlhalla has no legal age rating from the USK. The cartoon-style presentation makes it look as violent as the TV series Tom and Jerry, for example.

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