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What is Castle Crashers about?

Castle Crashers is a beat 'em up with elements of a role-playing game. There are 31 playable characters available in the game, which you must unlock bit by bit or purchase through downloadable expansion packs (DLCs). After choosing a character, the player must select the level to play on a map. After completing a level, the player has the choice of playing it again or switching to another level. The map also shows shops where the character can buy items and weapons with coins captured from enemies. Castle Crashers supports cooperative play with up to four players, either locally or online. Each of the four can purchase experience points, equipment, and weapons. In battle, players can choose between close combat and ranged combat. In close combat, the player can attack many different swords, clubs, and axes. In ranged combat, the player has a bow and his magic at his disposal. Each character has a unique magical ability and a life bar that shows the rest of the character's life. In single-player mode, if the life bar is empty, the player has to start the level all over again; in multiplayer mode, the other players can resurrect him. Characters gain experience points by killing enemies, which they use to advance in the level. For each level won, the player receives points that he can invest in one of the four attributes. He can choose between strength, magic, defense, and agility. The numerous weapons in the game also have positive and negative effects on the characteristics of the characters. The player can find animals to accompany him and support him in battle or to improve the attributes. Besides the main game, Castle Crashers also offers some mini-games for up to four players.

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    The Behemoth

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    27 Aug 2008 ⏰