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What is Code 7 about?

What would you do if you found yourself trapped on an eerie space station with nothing but a computer? Play as the hacker Alex and save the world from your keyboard as a sinister A.I. rises from the corner of the universe... but you are not the only one who acts from the shadows. Monsters lurk in the dark and soon humanity itself is in danger. When analog and digital worlds collide, only a master of both can survive.
Code 7 is an episodic, text-based game in which your imagination is the stage. The things unseen are the most terrifying ones... travel the network, gather information from e-mails, documents, and logs, hack protected computers, and navigate your partner through dangerous situations. Work together, gain their trust and make the right choices. The outcome of the story is determined by how you act and what you say.




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91d ago

Supported the game at Kickstarter & hence the Steam-Key (I don't know if that counts as free) I try to keep it short. Episode 0 gives a good insight into the game and the really good told storyEpisode 1. . . . just finished and I am simply amazed. A genre thought dead, with new elements, mMn more than successful, revived. If I should describe the event until the end of episode 1, in a few words, then that would be:- goosebumps (multiple) - plottwist - WTF - speechless (still)Notice the following:You get the basics explained, but you have to work on the finer points yourself. Storytelling can GoodwolfClear recommendation on my part

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