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What is Crystal Rift (VR) about?

Crystal Rift is an inspired by classic dungeon games such as Dungeon Master and Eye of the Beholder with grid-based movement, it has been developed primarily for Virtual Reality headsets, but is also a great experience for those without headsets.

Its an experiential horror challenge game that takes the player through a series of increasingly mysterious locations. Crystal Rift has 26 levels, with unique styles and settings, to provide many hours of gameplay. The player slowly uncovers the narrative and story through exploration, discovering dark secrets and following the path of those who have come before.

Use the In Game Dungeon Editor to build entirely new adventures and challenges for other players to solve.



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Psytec Games


30 Mar 2016 ⏰




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13d ago

Very atmospheric game in which you walk through caves and grottos. Every now and then there was a puzzle to solve and sometimes a little bit of figures frightened. In particular, this experience reflects the Oculus Rift DK2, through which one feels as if one were thinking there. For example, you can lean over your position to lens into a gorge or around the next corner. Really hard boiled horror fans will probably not really enjoy the game, because so far (level 3) no real shocker are available. Such people should rather watch and play Affected by FallenPlanetStudios. I have a clear recommendation to buy the EarlyAccess title, which runs very stable despite EarlyAccess! :)

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