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What is Cube Life: Island Survival about?

Cube Life: Island Survival is a block building, open-world survival game for the Wii U.Imagine being stranded on a beautiful, deserted island... All of lifes necessities – food, water, shelter – all of your everyday needs are now gone, and its up to you to survive. Cannibals and wild animals will not make it any easier on you. Youll need to explore, build and craft to stay alive.In Creative Mode, the game will allow players to build constructions in 3D-generated game worlds.In Survival Mode, the player must maintain health, explore caves, gather resources, and craft tools on an unknown island. Get food, then explore and build during the day. Hide, fight and survive, as night falls on the island.- A block building open world - Creative Mode - Survival Mode - Day/Night cycles - Crafting - Trading - 200+ Items and Tools - Explosives - Wild animals - Graphical effects like water reflections and sunbeams - Internet Rankings - Updates

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