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What is Death Coming about?

《Death Coming》 is a non-linear puzzle game where you take on the role of a grim reaper. Your sole objective? Cause death while abiding by the free will clause.
You Died.
Pure and simple, but death was not the end. You have become an agent of death: a Reaper. You have the powers of death, but there are rules in this supernatural afterlife.
Reapers can cause death, but they cannot control humans directly due to the Free Will Clause. As a reaper, you must plan, time, and execute your killings by using the environment to your advantage. Be wary, Minions of Light work against you and will try and save humans from their grim fate!.
Look down on your hunting grounds from a top-down perspective. Follow the lives of your targets and those out to stop your reaping.
There isn't a singular solution and a single item can kill multiple targets. Each level has a sandbox-esque design. So it's up to you to use whatever way you wish to complete your objective.
Observe the pattern of victims to know their behaviors and characteristics. Utilize dangerous items at the right time to perform effective kills. The better you know their routine, the better you can prepare extreme death traps.
Victims will hang around spots they like and will change their actions and behavior when something happens to them, such as seeing death.
From suburbia to missile bases, there's always a wacky way to cause destruction. Don't be afraid if you laugh at someone's demise. If you do what you love (slaughtering the unaware in this case), youll never work a day in your life!

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82d ago

Final destination to play yourself! A wonderful morbid sandbox for all those who are happy when they manage to get little pixel males around the corner. The power line in the swimming pool, the alien that frightens the tensioner to death or the open sewer - the classic under accident situations in everyday life.

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