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What is Detached about?

Detached is a space exploration VR game that demands tactics and skill to survive. Strap yourself in for hardcore gameplay uniquely designed for VR headsets.

Trapped in an abandoned space station, you must race against borrowed time to find your crew before your oxygen supply runs out. As you solve puzzles to open airlocks, locate power cores and disable transmitters, something tells you that you won't be alone when you finally escape into the universe's deep infinity.




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41d ago

So nausea is guaranteed in any case. The game itself is quite appealing. Unfortunately, the voice output in English is that you don't always understand what you want. But that can still change which I hope very much. Otherwise a very good game. PVP not tried yet because I had to stop playing after the introduction and a little bit because of the already mentioned nausea. It will surely only get better after some time when the body and brain have gotten used to it.

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