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What is Detroit: Become Human about?

The year is 2038, and technology has evolved, and human-like androids have become an integral part of humanity's everyday life. These androids are guards, domestic helpers, and do other menial jobs and the needs of biological humans. They are programmed to obey and carry out the orders and commands of their owners. However, there are more and more deviants (deviants) who rebel against their program code and strive for an independent life. The players take on the role of three very different androids who are looking for their place in life. Again and again, the players get into situations in which they have to make decisions in dialogues and actions. These decisions influence the course of the game, and the story can take different turns. For example, do you decide on a pacifist or a rebellious way? Or do you sacrifice other characters to protect yourself and your people? The story demands moral and ethical decisions again and again, and in the end, it is always about the question of whether androids should have the same rights as humans. Detroit: Become Human paints a dystopian future and raises many postmodern questions. Empathy, one's morals, and also diplomatic skills are constantly challenged. As an interactive film, the plot itself can be influenced, although it is not always clear which decisions lead to which results. The characters are very realistically staged not only because of the fantastic graphics but also because of their authentic portrayal so that one can quickly identify with them. The whole atmosphere is mostly rather gloomy, and many situations are difficult and depressing.

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    Sony Computer Entertainment

  • Release

    25 May 2018 ⏰