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What is Doors about?

Doors is an atmospheric first person logic game where you traverse a strange world in search of bacon. Designed for hardcore logic puzzle fans, everything is based on one simple concept. Use logic to determine where you will go - some doors lead to bacon, while others lead to death. You will be tested - but you will stop at nothing to achieve the ultimate reward in life: Bacon, and maybe begin to understand where you are.
This is a short indie game developed by a one-man-team. Inspired by Limbo, The Stanley Parable, and the Portal Series, Doors attempts to bring something new to the puzzle genre.



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Calvin Weibel


12 Feb 2016 ⏰




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12d ago

At first, I didn't get hot with the game and the characters. After the first play, it even lay around on the shelf for several months untouched before I decided to give it another chance. You should know that the game has six different ends, of which three are wrong, and one is right. Depending on which decisions you make and through which doors you go, the game can be over relatively quickly. So if you reach one of the bad ends and then get a little disappointed and leave with a lot of unresolved questions: Be sure to play again! Thank God you can fast-forward everything you've read so far when you run it still. The more different ends you reach, the more you learn about the individual characters and the whole background of the story. The more information you get, the more you'll learn about the characteristics and the entire history of the story. The initially still strange and unknown characters become a familiar team, with whom you manage to solve the big secret together.The the final act and the last hours of the "True Ending" are like a captivating book that you can't put out of hand.It's vital that you should have fun reading and not immediately discouraged if you have to puzzle a little about puzzles. Because the game consists of 70% text and dialogues and 30% solve puzzles. The story is however super exciting, and most puzzles are to be solved without significant problems.I am in any case glad to have given the game a second chance and am already immensely looking forward to the sequel!

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