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What is Dreamfall Chapters about?

This is the fourth and penultimate episode of Dreamfall Chapters - Book Four: Revelations.

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579d ago

The story starts directly with Dreamfall: The Longest Journey. For newcomers the game tries to bring his world and important moments of the predecessors closer with a review of the previous events as well as a character library < br>. Unfortunately, this only succeeds very superficially. Many situations and encounters are difficult to understand or classify without prior knowledge from the series.The gameplay is based on classic point-and-click mechanics. Numerous hotspots can be examined , in order to experience the thoughts of the protagonist to the respective object. Often even with different texts when used several times. It is often necessary to solve puzzles that require different combinations of interactions with NPCs and objects.Toll is in this game that you have to strain your brain, because the game gives only short tips. The respective current target is always given very roughly. Sometimes this can be frustrating, though.especially if puzzles require some previous knowledge from the predecessors. You can be glad that you can find help in the internet.In the numerous dialogues there are mostly different answers to choose from. It is very nice that you can hear the thoughts of the character to each option before, in order to better weigh up in this way, what exactly you want to say < br>. Again and again one is confronted in the discussions also before heavy decisions, which have influence on the further process of the action. The rough course of the story and the end remain untouched by this.The consequences, however, often show up in the fate of various secondary characters.All this is rounded off by a pretty nice soundtrack that really goes well with it.For the players who played the predecessor, it's a must, for newcomers it can be pretty < br> confusing.

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