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What is Dumb Little Creatures about?

Help a group of innocent creatures avoid all deadly hazards and get back home safely. Explore all this bright and fun world, giving instructions to these small creatures to build, dig and perform many activities that will allow them to survive dangerous elements such as guillotines and saws.
Dumb Little Creatures is a fun and challenging puzzle, in which you have to give directions to a group of innocent creatures to avoid hazards and get them to the exit of each level. Dig, Build, Float, Turn, Block are some of the skills you will need to use. Hazards and Fatalities: You can be amazed on how many different ways are there to die. Exploding, Burnt, Drown, Sliced, Chopped are only some of them. Many views: This is a 3D game, in which there are many different things happening at once. You'll have to learn to think in 3D. Rotate, Pan and Zoom cameras accordingly. Challenging Puzzles: Bring everything together and that's it. Deal with different rates, speed, llimited skills, camera positions and deadly hazards and you're done.