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What is Dungeon Defenders 2 about?

The Old Ones' armies have invaded Etheria and it's up to you and your friends to push them back! Create a team of heroes to take into battle. Then freeze, burn, and electrocute enemies with your deadly defenses or jump into the action yourself to finish them off! Play by yourself or with up to three friends in 4-player online co-op.
Need help on the battlefield? Fuse and upgrade your loot in The Tavern, then level up your Heroes' Defenses and Abilities with Skill Spheres!

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579d ago

So, I tried the game a little bit, and just add my mustard. Tested the first part only for a short time on a free weekend, long time ago. So, I can't say anything about the improvements etc. to the first part. I like Dungeon Defenders II in the first par hour already very much. Even if this is still the early access access in the alpha, the game is already quite solid. It all just goes by the hand and you have the game principle after the first few minutes already out. In my opinion, the title is very good, it's nice Bund. Grafisch;) Effects work very well, it runs smoothly and somehow everything seems to be all of a piece. The sound should be reworked a bit, the effects sound a bit lame and when the boss is announced, there is no sound at all. I'm not looking for the drum roll or anything, but any sound would be good as an announcement, especially since the boss is shown big in the picture at the end of each round. ;)What bothers me personally about this game, it is. And often and of the very bad kind. You barely even have moments when it's not possible. This problem has been described by many, but it is disturbing. Especially if you fall down a good 10 times somewhere in the round and then wait for the respawn. I was getting used to it but playing without a lag would be great. I would recommend this game anytime, because it's fun, extremely motivated, just by the items. That's where the MMORPG's touch comes through, getting better and better, levelling up, etc. Very addictive this game. I will probably accompany it for a longer time.

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