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What is DYE about?

DYE is a challenging twitch platformer where you help Hue rescue Pigments and defeat the nefarious Necrolights in order to restore color to the world! Jump, wall jump and float your way through 4 unique worlds with hundreds of challenges. Anyone from first-time platform gamers to experienced hardcore speedrunners will find a rewarding test of skill in Hues homeworld.

DYE has tight and responsive controls, and has been balanced around the use of a controller. Full keyboard support is available, but spare your hands and sanity (seriously), and use a controller. DYE has native support for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 controllers, and the Steam Controller via controller profiles.56 levels (560 total pigments to collect)4 worlds with unique boss fightsHard Mode versions of each levelChallenge levelsScaling difficulty from beginner to expert levelOriginal 18 track soundtrack (55 minutes)AchievementsTrading cardsEach world contains 9 regular levels, 4 challenge levels and 1 unique boss fight.