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What is Emergency 2017 about?

Fires, spring tides, the danger of terror: EMERGENCY 2017 is always hot!
Anyone who has always wanted to direct fire brigades, police, technical emergency services and paramedics as an operations manager is in the right place here!
Start in a new historical mini-campaign in Hamburg of the 17th century. Save your fellow citizens from the witch hunt of an angry mob or fight the danger of international terror in modern times.
The real challenge is to fight off danger, contain damage and maintain public order in demanding missions. In addition to the well-known units, the dog squadron (with its own vehicle) will for the first time be helpful when it's not just a matter of finding injured but also dangerous bombs. In the course of the extensive campaign, minor accidents alternate with challenging major events and provide many hours of exciting gaming fun. But before that, you can complete the integrated tutorial, which teaches you the underlying mechanisms and functions of the game.

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