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What is Eon Altar about?

A Mobile-Enhanced Local Co-op RPG for 1-4 Players

Explore the lavish dungeons and tunnels that stretch below Tarnum Fortress and conquer dozens of unique quests and challenges. Prove your worth on a tactical battlefield, and overpower your foes with strategy, magic and martial prowess. The Eon Altar's defenders are many and they are deadly.



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Flying Helmet Games


22 Jun 2016 ⏰




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78d ago

For what this RPG wants to be, it does it really well. 1-4 players sit on the couch in front of the TV and can control, manage and upgrade the characters with their smartphones. The smartphone is not only the controller. History elements, quests, level-ups and equipment can be managed by each player simultaneously. Calls to the NPCs can be made via the smartphone. At the beginning the controls were a bit tricky, but you quickly get used to them. Supported are androids and iPhones. Each class has its own quests for the main quests, some of which can be kept secret from the other players. There is no online mode, only local games on a PC or Mac. Fights are turn-based, the movement is in real time. Loot is only available in the form of specific units that can be used to improve equipment or skills. The game will be released in 3 seasons with 3 episodes each. I hope that the developers can still eradicate one or two weaknesses. In the forums they are very active and try to fix bugs and integrate suggestions into the game. I wish they could change the comradeship distance. The game is currently only available in English. I've enjoyed the game so far and I'm looking forward to episode 2.

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