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What is Eon Altar: Episode 3 about?

After the defeat of Lady Allevia and putting an end to her centuries-old torment, a mysterious, powerful figure has saved you from Guild Lord Davians attack and left you in the dark caves below the Catacombs. Ancient ruins lost to history, a malevolent race, and this mysterious figures agenda all stand between you and Davian: survival isnt enough; your destiny awaits.Chapter 1 - The Paths of MadnessChapter 2 - Hall of the Builders
What does your mysterious benefactor want? And can he help you escape the Paths of Madness with your sanity intact?

Continue your adventures with Episode 3 - The Watcher in the Dark. With over 3 hours of new content, youll continue to banter with your friends in dialogue, progress your characters further, and fight as a well-oiled, tactical machine.



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Flying Helmet Games


1 May 2006 ⏰