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Everspace Deluxe Edition

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About Everspace Deluxe Edition

Everspace is a new generation of space shooter that combines fast-paced space battles with rogue-like gameplay, outstanding graphics, and a gripping, non-linear story. Embark on a challenging journey through a fantastically designed and ever-changing universe that is full of surprises. Your skill and ability to improvise will be tested time and time again as you discover who you are and the task at hand.

Meet interesting characters who not only have their own story to tell, but also help you solve the mysteries of your existence. Every attempt to reach your goal will be unique. You will be confronted with completely new challenges again and again, which will ensure long-lasting and varied game fun. But be warned: No matter how much skill you have, death will be inevitable, but it will also be the beginning of a much greater journey.

The player wakes up on a battleship in a remote location in the galaxy. Searching for the origin of his existence and an unknown commander, he has to fight his way through ever new, uncontrolled territories, and experiences when encountering other fighter pilots. In the course of the game, you will not only have to prove your fighting skills over and over again, but also collect fuel and raw materials to travel between star systems, and to repair and improve your equipment. The rogue-like character of the game offers a quick and uncomplicated introduction and constant surprises and twists in the game. This demands your improvisational skills and ensures an individual, always motivating game experience. In contrast to classic rogue-likes, however, the progress of the game is not completely lost at the time of death, but remains with the player in the form of persistent upgrades.

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