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What is Flix and Chill 2: Millennials about?

Finding long lasting romance in todays dating climate can seem like a challenge to many millennials. Dating now-a-days can be best characterized as fleeting one-time encounters, or exciting but short lived one night stands.
Are you tired of swiping left over and over, feeling that youll never find the one with your paradox-of-choice myriad of choices? Are you tired of being overlooked by the pretty girl/boy at your office, who seems to prefer the more handsome/beautiful coworker over you?
If so, then you should try "Flix and Chill The Game 2: Millennials!" A game for the artsy fartsiest generation around!!
Flix and Chill 2: Millennials will be your guide in this constantly changing and sometimes exhausting social climate we find ourselves in. Youll learn how to:
- Woo that special someone with nothing but dialogue choices
- Not make a fool out of yourself on a first date
- Snap an awesome dating profile pic
- Use nothing but charisma to work your way out of a tough situation
- And so much more!!