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What is Football Manager 2019 Touch about?

Slicker and smoother than ever before... 51 playable nations, 116 of the top leagues, 200,000 fully modelled players. Upgrades and enhancements for the 2018/19 season ensure that FM19 Touch is the most polished release of the series, ensuring your rise to top is as efficient and enjoyable than ever before. You can also use the new tactical creator to craft something completely unique to you. The revamped training module is not only fresh and simplified but is also a realistic representation of how clubs develop younger players and prepare the first-team for individual fixtures, and the season ahead. Kick start your managerial career with a primer on the management fundamentals, designed to guide and elevate new managers towards success. A fresh lick of paint and a host of small, but meaningful changes ensure that FM19 Touch is the the best-looking version of the game ever made. The top two divisions of German football make their debut in Football Manager 2019 Touch, which means that both the Bundesliga and Bundesliga 2 feature official club badges, kits and player faces as well as their respective trophies. In total, there are 26 fully-licensed league competitions from 11 countries as well as a host of individual club licences from some of the world's biggest leagues