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What is Football Manager Touch 2018 about?

The football manager has often been praised in the past for his depth and realism. The 2019 version continues this tradition successfully and very motivatingly and above all improves the entry into the game as well as the accessibility to training and tactics. Both players after work and national coaches get their money's worth: the former can run the game semi-automatically, the latter get the absolute maximum out of their team through perfectly devised training and tactics directly tailored to the opponent.
The behaviour of the players on the pitch is often astonishingly similar to their real role models. If there were now a current graphic and perhaps even the possibility to expand the stadium and the club grounds, the football manager would come pretty close to a perfect manager simulation. If EA's last version of her soccer manager still had a flush of anger on my face, I'm now looking forward to every game with Football Manager 2019. That's what a football manager has to be like!