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What is Forge and Fight! about?

Gain parts over the course of the game and forge them into the weapon of your dreams! Want to forge a weapon without restrictions? We got you covered! Create whatever your heart desires and test it out against bots in a creative sandbox mode. Enter the multiplayer arena and engage in both melee and ranged combat! Use physics to knock your enemy off the map or hit dangerous physical objects flying their way. Be creative!
Unlock game-changing bonuses by forging parts of the same category together. The bonuses range from handy damage and health boosters to powerful unique attacks which completely change your playstyle. Choose between a large variety of parts that hack, slash, shoot, incinerate, electrocute or poisons your enemies! Experiment with special parts that unlock unique abilities like Charge, Fire Nova or Bear Trap. Unlock cosmetic and customize your goon to show the boss who's the boss! You'll earn items while playing or you can choose to support the devs by purchasing through the Scrap Shop.

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