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What is Gods and Monsters about?

Gods and Monsters is a new action adventure game developed by the creators of Assassin's Creed Odyssey. It is an open-world fantasy adventure with a chic graphic style that lets you use divine powers to defeat mythological beasts and save the Greek gods. Play the forgotten hero Phoenix and explore the Isle of the Blessed, facing Gorgons, Harpies, as well as Cyclopes. Blessed with the special powers of Olympus, players must overcome treacherous dungeons and challenging trials. In contrast to the green meadows and rugged mountains, you will enter the underworld at certain times to beat up henchmen in specially designed dungeons.

More info on Gods and Monsters

The story and setting of "Gods & Monsters".
The story is told by none other than Homer, the inventor of the Odyssey saga. He wants to tell his grandchildren a cooler story than the eternally same old tale - while you play.
Naturally, the story of "Gods and Monsters price" is set in ancient Greece. The hero, Phoenix, is supposed to help the father of the gods, Zeus, on the challenging mission to defeat his adversary, Typhon, who has his army of monsters at his side at all times. The monster army consists of everything that we think is possible in the universe of Greek mythology: cyclopses weighing a few centimetres, sharp-clawed harpies, even Gorgons and Hydras are involved.

What is the gameplay of "Gods and Monsters price" like?
The developers are said to have relied on three crucial pillars when creating the gameplay: An open-world, epic battles and last but not least tricky mini-puzzles in the open environment. The self-chosen pillars of Gods and Monsters price are strongly reminiscent of Nintendo's "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild", which was voted Game of the Year 2017, and whet the appetite for more gameplay content in the form of videos or reviews.
So, on the whole, you'll explore vast, beautiful worlds by jumping, climbing, running, or even flying - at least until you run out of stamina. Yes, you heard right: Flying, namely on a real flaming firebird of your choice. Furthermore, like in "Breath of the Wild", you have to solve tricky physics puzzles at some points of the story to get ahead.

Your decisions on the open playground of "Gods & Monsters" have lasting consequences:
For example, if you cut down a tree with your sharp sword or move a stone with all your might, this will be noticed permanently in the game - also by other characters and enemies. In addition to your sword, you will also get a bow with sharp arrows. The fights against some bosses are even supposed to be fought in the air, whereby ranged combat should be a good alternative.

A breathtaking game world
The developers did not yet reveal exact details, but the world is supposed to be at least as big as the vast location where "Assassin's Creed Odyssey" takes place. Since the path to the legendary hero in "Gods & Monsters" can also be travelled by a flying animal this time, fans are hoping for an even more powerful and impressive world than "Odyssey" had to offer.
Purely optically the game reminds one of the Zelda hit from Nintendo. With gloomy fairy tale forests, colossal mountain ranges whose peaks glitter in the background with the sun's rays and truly dreamlike green valley and meadow landscapes in a whimsical, almost realistic cartoon style, every graphics fetishist will get his money's worth. It gets especially scary in the cave-like underworld dungeons, in which hero Phoenix has to face the nasty henchmen of supervillain Typhon in thrilling battles.