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What is Gunman Clive 2 about?

Gunman Clive returns in an all new adventure. Now in Color! After rescuing Ms Johnson, Gunman Clive returns to again find the town under attack by bandits. To stop them once and for all he must chase after their leader; an adventure that takes him all the way around the world, facing bigger and deadlier enemies than ever before.
Gunman Clive 2 retains the same classic gameplay formula, but dials the action up a notch further, with improved and more colorful graphics, more dynamic levels and richer, more diverse environments, bigger bosses and tons of new enemies.

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579d ago

What is Gunman Clive 2? A game that, in my opinion, goes down before Donkey Kong Country and Super Mario Wold/Bros. 2 and still brings enough ideas of its own. To make the connection to the two games it has to be said that Gunman Clive 2 uses some gameplay and leve ideas of these games (Lorenlevel from Donkey Kong, Level which alludes to 3 castles of Super Mario World and a character can float like in Super Mario Bros. 2). But then there is the most important feature of Gunman Clive 2, it is a shooter which brings in jump n run elements but is mainly a shooter. You have to defeat humans, animals, machines and bosses which are not so easy to defeat in the 3 difficulty levels. There are always different levels between the levels in which you have to ride, fly or as mentioned above with a trolley. These many great different levels and perfect control make Gunman Clive 2 a 100% buy recommendation. Thumbs up!!!

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