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What is High Hell about?

High Hell is a neon-soaked, arcade-action first-person shooter from Terri Vellmann (Heavy Bullets) and Doseone (Enter the Gungeon, Gang Beasts). Descend upon the criminal underground with the most blessed of shotguns and bring lethal salvation to those that have fallen from the light. Righteous fury and fancy footwork are crucial to survive an escalating, absurd series of outlandish missions. Pop brainwashed chimps, deface corporate effigies, and dismantle the business dealings of the unrepentant cartel in a vibrant remix of the classic first-person shooter.

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107d ago

I bought this game directly for the release, because I already had high hopes in the game on the basis of the trailer, otherwise I am quite critical to the direct purchase after release or the pre-order. I was not disappointed in any case and had/have a lot of fun with the game. The graphics are in Cel Shading style and everything is very simple. Since graphics is not a game, but only a stylistic device, I'd rather get to the story. The story is to fight devilish capitalism. The gameplay is quite fast and again very simple, basically it consists only of running, shooting, jumping and kicking. Things like reloading and sprinting would be completely fluid here since High Hell is very fast. Some people would say it's a little hard to play, but that's actually just because you die very quickly. There's only one weapon, which I'm sure will bother a lot of people, but I don't mind. One weapon is also the best you could have used as a weapon for this game. Now a few points, which I do not find so cool. First, the game is very short one is in c. a. one hour by that has but also advantages like that one can easily u201eSpeedrunnenu201c for it there is even an Achievement. Besides, you should have made your opponents a little smarter, but that didn't really bother me. I would also like to mention that it is not really conclusive for me that the game is so often compared to Hotline Miami for me there are not many parallels apart from the somewhat fast gameplay. Conclusion is that the capitalism fighting simulator is somehow quite loose, trust me I am currently ranked 19th in the world. lol

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