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What is Hyper Scape about?

Hyper Scape is designed to be an intense, vertical, and fast Battle Royale shooter. Immerse yourself in the futuristically designed virtual city of Neo-Arcadia and challenge opposing players and teams in dynamic firefights. Rapidly move back and forth between narrow alleys and open roofs and collect special abilities scattered across the map. Hacks enable offensive and defensive abilities that can be adapted to individual game tactics.
Scan for enemies, protect the squad with a big wall, or become invisible and sneak up on your enemies. Hacks and weapons can not only be intuitively combined and exchanged, but also enhanced with the Fusion feature. The world of Neo-Arcadia is slowly disintegrating, dissolving certain areas and shrinking the battlegrounds, while the Echo feature allows players to stay in game even after they have been eliminated. At the end of each match in Hyper Scape, the showdown beings with a crown appearing on the map. Players can win in two different ways. You either grab the crown and manage to wear it for 45 seconds, or you are the last surviving player or squad. Hyper Scape offers a lot of fun and rewards players watching live streams. Working with Twitch, viewers can actively influence live games, creating unprecedented interactions between streamers and their fans. Viewers can vote for different events, like Low Gravity or Unlimited Ammo, thus changing the course of the game for all the players in the match.

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