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What is Iron Harvest about?

Iron Harvest takes place in the world of 1920, an alternative version of our world created by the Polish artist Jakub Roóżlski. Tradition and progress collide in the early 20th century and the world is still full of mystery and secrets. Fascinated by technology, steel, and engines, mankind invented powerful machines that proved to be powerful weapons on the battlefields of the Great War and have now become an integral part of everyday life. Now, a few years after the Great War, secret forces are working to destabilize Europe - aiming to set the whole world on fire and bringing everything under their control.

The Saxon Empire is one of the most influential countries in Europe. It has a large industry, advanced cities, modern factories, and a strong military presence. Its unfavourable surrender during the Great War has left the Empire with a bad mood. Proud elites, as well as humiliated aristocrats, are secretly acting against the Emperor's policies. The Republic of Polania is a large agricultural state with a long history. It tries to maintain its status and territorial claims, but has difficulty doing so due to its aggressive neighbours. Polania has launched a programme to modernise its army, while a large part of its country is still occupied by Rusviet. The latter is big, strong and has unrivalled potential in terms of industry and population. The country, however, is tired and worn down after the long war. People are frustrated and the power of Tsar Nikolai is waning. The mysterious Grigory Rasputing has become an extremely influential man and the smell of revolution is in the air.

Experience an epic, overarching story that spans more than 20 missions in three campaigns. Jump into an adventure with nine charismatic heroes and their pets across Europe and lead mechs and soldiers into epic battles that take place in open sandbox maps.