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Jet Buster

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About Jet Buster

Jet Buster is a 90s-styled anthromorphic shmup, going back to the unusual shmups of the early 90s that were going against the standard spaceship fare at the time.


The year is 2182, its been almost a decade since the Zeno Wars have ended, with the threat no more, civlizations all across the galaxy have begun to rebuild their society. One such civlization, are the weird humanoid animals living on what humans named, Earth "J", the home planet of none other than Makoto Kitsune, the rather odd Fox woman who helped win the Zeno Wars. And shes... a J-Pop idol?

However, peace didnt last long as... some mean-spirited animals clearly dont want her singing! Her tours being constantly ruined by some angry people, Makoto got mad, so mad, she became a crimesweeper, going on a personal vendetta against those who ruined her musical tours. This musical, is gonna be full of bullets.


Jet Buster is a more accessible shoot-emup compared to the previous Grybanser Fox titles, where Normal is 100% serious about being Normal. Of course, theres always an Expert mode for those who are looking forward for a bigger challenge.

So simply, pick a character, shoot things, pick up coins OR transform coins into gold for those juicy EXTRA POINTS! And collect gold, to unlock more content.


- 7 stages full of cute, explosive, anthro action!

- Unlockables!

- An early 90s game soundtrack by HeavyViper composed on the YM2151 (Thats CPS-1/X68000 for those unaware :D)

- Early 90s game visuals, taking some notes from certain developers of that era.

- Steam Achievements, so you can share your progress!

- Steam Cloud! So you can backup your scores and progress!

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