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What is Juanito Arcade Mayhem about?

Juanito Arcade Mayhem is a new game where you have to save the most famous classic Arcade Video Games from an alien invasion. You will only have your pyjamas and a fearsome arsenal of weapons to defeat very disgusting enemies and epic hardcore bosses.
When the mutant Clonocells from outer space attack, a young and lazy boy by the name of Juanito becomes the last hope. Chosen by Gluk, a bipolar manipulative alien, Juanito must enter an arcade cabinet and save all the infected retro videogames.
- 80+ unique levels, inspired by 8 classic arcade games.
- Each world has a unique mechanic based on the game it features.
- 10+ weapons, power-ups and upgrades.
- Several boss battles and a final ruthless boss fight.
- An Endless Survival Mode to put your endurance to test.
- In-game Steam Leaderboards to compete globally in 12 different rankings.
- Local Co-op Mode to play the entire game with a friend.
- 80+ Steam Achievements.
- Original Soundtrack (8-bit, chiptune, electro, techno, dubstep, remix).
- Steam Trading Cards.
- Steam Cloud to carry your game data everywhere.
- Controller compatibility.

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614d ago

Juanito Arcade Mayhem is a very refreshing Pang clone. Retrofeeling knows no limits in this game as each game world has its own theme (e. g. Tetris, Arcanoid, Wonderboy in Monsterland, Pac-Man and Donkey Kong). You shoot yourself with the little Juanito and your laser pistol (hint: if you press the button longer, it ejects a super laser) through countless levels and collect a lot of different power-ups (different shots, shield, but also hearts, which regenerate your life energy again). Juanito also has Dash, which you will inevitably have to use to master the levels, especially later in the game. Slide left or right to avoid falling enemies or objects. The opponents fall - just like the well-known model Pang - from the upper picture frame into the play area and jump up and down. Your goal is to eliminate them with your laser gun until no new intruders appear. In the 10th level of each game world, a boss opponent matching the game world awaits you. The level of difficulty is really easy to set at the beginning, but in the course of the game it becomes very difficult. I'm currently in level 6 and can't get any further. Frustration resistance is a prerequisite here. The almost obligatory steam features like achievements and trading cards are of course also available and further enhance the gaming experience. 9/10 points from my side for this wonderful skill game that revives childhood memories among the older ones of you. The price of just under 10 alone seems a bit high to me, even if the scope of the game is really big

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