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What is Knockout League about?

Welcome to the Knockout League, a single player arcade style boxing game built from the ground up for Virtual Reality. Its intuitive gameplay involves moving and dodging with your body and 1:1 punch movement that lets you attack how you want without relying on buttons for main gameplay. Train up with various boxing drills to take on a crazy cast of characters with different fighting styles and gameplay in order to become the champion of the Knockout League!

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108d ago

Knockout League knows how to convince. The short playing time is more due to my lack of fitness than to the game. Against a total of 5 different opponents we prove our skills in the ring. In addition, the game offers a training room with various training methods and our coach, who trains and inspires us diligently. The main task is, of course, to become the champion in the ring. And that's not easy at all. Instead of beating like hell, we have to watch our timing in Knockout League, dodge, block and counter. The game gives us an area in which we have to stand, so we don't dance around our opponent. So, if you expect realism, you should choose another game. The fun of playing is not lost in any case. The opponents differ in their fighting style, and you have to see how the tactics work. All the better the feeling when you have finally managed to send your opponent onto the boards. I got on my knees the first time and tore up my arms. (even before the oxygen tent) The game can score with excellent graphics and sound and is physically really challenging. (It is not for nothing that a calorie counter is built in, just like that is, let's question it) The different training methods are also fun and offer an incentive to want to improve yourself. If you're not afraid of movement and don't expect a real boxing simulation, this game is definitely worth a look. Greet Ziffi

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