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What is Leave the Nest about?

Flap your little wings to take off from your cozy nest, and embark on an adventure as you fly through the world, passing through peaceful forests, Persian cities, volcanic vistas and many more dynamic environments.

Earn bonus points and multipliers along the way, flying high will earn you that ever so valuable double bonus, but you cant stay up there forever as the airs too thin to flap.

-Over 20 complete zone types for you to duck & dive your way through.
-Compete against the world or your personal best scores.
-Soar high above the clouds for double bonuses.
-Collect coins and power-ups like the shields or magnets to help collect coins.
-Dive through open windows, dodge volcano eruptions as you weave through the world.
-Steam trains that come and go to help set your pace and win achievements.
-Unlock additional birds as you progress through the game.

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