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What is Left-Hand Path about?

Cast spells, perform rituals, learn terrible truths and try not to die in this massive Dark Souls-inspired VR RPG.
You awaken in a darkened castle – or is it something else? – full of dangerous creatures, a history of tragedy, and arcane powers that you can wield. From there, you'll delve into the weird landscape of the Well Of All Rewards...
Learn arcane gestures to cast powerful spells: fling acid missiles, strike your foes using a lightning staff, rain meteors from the sky, conjure an army of screaming skulls, flaming boulders from the ground, and many more.
Master a complex ritual magic system based on historical Hermetic magic.
Delve deep into a fleshed-out game experience - over 15 hours of single-player, VR-exclusive content so far and more to come.
Become part of a history of human greed and ambition, tragedy, sacrifice in the name of love, and lust for power.
Fight lethal monsters that will test both your physical skills – duck, dodge, outmanoeuvre – and your mastery of magic.
Explore eerie landscapes, and interact with other humans, including historical figures like Lord Byron and Samuel Taylor Coleridge – and with stranger creatures still.
Gather the fallen Husks of your foes to gain power and unlock new abilities.
Choose whether to explore nooks and crannies of the world to discover secret truths and powers.



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Strange Company


10 Nov 2017 ⏰




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72d ago

So first hello. I loaded this game right after it was released because I've been waiting a little longer for a mage game for Vive. I have in between the first 2 worlds and would like to draw my first conclusion here. The game is first class for the VR experience. You get a feeling for the fighting system and a top-notch (creepy) atmosphere is built up. But the horror is not so extreme. In my opinion just right for a VR experience. The story is, in as far as my English knowledge is sufficient, exciting. However, the main focus is clearly on combat and magic. The magic system is not very heavy and has been well implemented. It's fun, even if sometimes spells are not recognized 1 to 1. One problem is that if the opponents are too close to you the spells no longer hit. But this can easily be compensated with teleportation. The graphic is ok and sufficient in my opinion. ConclusionPro:-Good spell system-VR experience is present-atmosphere is thrilling. -Much potential-good support by the developer-running smoothly without major bugsContra:-graphics is not the best-if enemies come too close, some spells do not work-some spells are not directly recognized. I would recommend the game to anyone who can do something with a gloomy atmosphere. Especially as I think it is one of the best titles for VR at the moment

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