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What is Mass Effect 3 about?

"Mass Effect" is one of the biggest role-playing game series in recent years. The exciting and twisty story about the crew of the spaceship "Normandy" has captivated many players for hours in front of the screen. The trilogy concludes with "Mass Effect 3", which effectively concludes the battle for the survival of the galaxy. Mass Effect 3 is the final title of the Reaper trilogy and is an intensely action-packed computer role-playing game. Due to the threat of the Reapers' galactic life form, Commander Shepard has to unite all the races to an alliance to strike back. You slip into the roles of Commander Shepard and have the opportunity to customize and shape his character according to your ideas. You can influence events and explore new planets, form alliances, and fight the Reapers once and for all. The graphics and the sound were perceived as very positive by the testers: "The graphics are very well done and detailed" (Marco, 18 years). Especially the futuristic sound met with much approval from the inspectors: "The sound effects make the game look much more realistic" (Maren, 17 years). Even if most of the conflicts can only be solved in a combative way, there are always conflicts in between, which can be avoided by intelligent selection of dialogue options. In violent depictions, the game rarely becomes explicit.

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    5 Mar 2012 ⏰