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What is Monolith: Relics of the Past about?

Monolith: Relics of the Past is an expansion to Monolith, adding many new features, smoothing out the quality of life and opening a window into the heart of the old world, just a little bit. Follow Null and company on their perilous quest toward power, wealth and ultimate destiny through places unknown and places forgotten.
New enemies! New hazards! New bosses! Over 2000 new room layouts! Two new floors! The elusive Temple and the overflowing b0unds o. -$556/-errInfinite looping! Every game loop beaten unlocks a yet harder one. Over 40 unique weapons! Rare, powerful and different spins on the default armaments. Cartridges! Utilize the power of over 40 ancient, bootleg storage devices. Blessings! The council lends their strength. Choose wisely. Practice mode! Test your mettle, practice any boss you've faced. New playable characters! Yes. Hacking! Finally.

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